Cummins Generator Technologies

Cummins Generator Technologies

Internationally renowned for built-in quality, reliability and innovation, Cummins Generator Technologies manufactures the world's broadest range of ac generators, under the brand names of MARKON, STAMFORD and AvK, from 0.5kVA up to 20,000kVA. With over 100 years experience in the electrical power generation industry, our history of continual growth and innovation has created a strong global company employing over 4000 people across 27 locations in 15 countries worldwide. Supporting an extensive portfolio of products and services to OEMs, utility and end user customers we have established a sales and services network spanning more than 60 countries.

Cummins Generator Technologies' supplies ac generators for industrial, marine/offshore, commercial, construction, rental and combined heat and power, parallel operation, peak shaving, telecommunications, mining and other standby or continuous power applications.

Our Research & Technology department, primarily based at our global headquarters in Stamford, Lincolnshire, is engaged in the cutting edge development of current and next generation electrical power generation. These technologies include variable speed and hybrid systems, software and hardware design, control solutions, protection relaying, system simulation and type testing. All products are designed for optimum performance, durability and longevity, using the latest solid and computer modelling techniques.

Cummins Generator Technologies is part of the global Cummins Corporation.

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